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Personal Healthcare Portfolio: Your Personal Health and Wellness Record

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Author: Rebecca S. Busch
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Your Personal Healthcare Survival Guide

Personal Healthcare Portfolio™ (PHP™) empowers families, individuals and their loved ones to take charge of their health care experience by enabling them to manage and control health care information in one secure place. PHP™ offers a detailed ROAD MAP to help you navigate through our health care system efficiently and effectively. PHP™ ensures that your personal patient information is organized so that, as a patient, you can make optimal medical and financial health care decisions.

Praise for Personal Healthcare Portfolio & Rebecca Busch

"Within the first 30 minutes of reading this book I was able to make the necessary calls to the right parties & saved myself from having my claim denied. "

— H. Carmichael

"My family and I were turned down for health insurance and were not given any answers as to why. After reading Rebecca Busch’s book we are now insured with a plan we can afford and feel good about. "

— L. Paseo

"Rebecca Busch is a champion in her field. I developed a rare form of cancer and was denied disability. Within minutes after speaking to Ms. Busch she told me exactly what to say and how to write a letter & in two weeks my claim was approved. "

— D. Cummins

Dependent Eligibility Verification

ERISA mandates that plan sponsors manage plans for the “exclusive benefit” of participants and beneficiaries. Checking for ineligible dependents ensures your organization is meeting its fiduciary obligations